Field Recording

Field Recordings/Phonography/Sound Recordings: Essential Recordings

Titles in red are titles missing in my own collection

Jana Winderen — Heated: Live in Japan cd

Jana Winderen — Energy Field cd

Jana Winderen — Spring Bloom in the Marginal Ice Zone cd

Jana Winderen — The Noisiest Guys on the Planet cs

R Murray Schafer — String Quartet no. 9 cd

v/a (Murray Schafer) — “the Vancouver Soundscape 1973″ (de dubbel-cd bevat ook die van ’96) 2xcd

Marc Namblard — F. Guyana cd

Douglas Quin — Forests: Book of Hours cd

**Douglas Quin — Antartica — cd**

**Peter Cusack — Your Favourite London Sounds — cd**

Peter Cusack — Baikal Ice cd

Peter Cusack — Favourite Berlin Sounds cd

Peter Cusack — Sounds From Dangerous Places cd/book

Jacaszek — Gardenia cd

**Christopher Delaurenti — N30: Live at the WTO Protest November 30, 1999 — cd**

**Christopher Delaurenti — To the Cooling Tower, Satsop — cd**

Christopher Delaurenti — Favorite Intermissions dl — cd

Biosphere — Senja Recordings cd/lp

Biosphere & HIA — Polar Sequences cd/lp

Biosphere — N-Plants — cd

Biosphere — Stromboli — 

Biosphere — The Hilvarenbeek Recordings cd

Ultra-Red — Second Nature cd

Ultra-Red — Structural Adjustments cd

Lawrence English & Werner Dafeldecker — Shadow of the Monolith lp

Lawrence English — Studies for Stradbroke cd

Lawrence English — A Mirror Holds the Sky cd

Jacob Kirkegaard — Eldfjall cd

**Jacob Kirkegaard — 4 Rooms — cd**

Christina Kubisch/Annea Lockwood — The Secret Life of the Inaudible cd

Thomas Köner — La Barca cd

Thomas Köner — Novaya Zemlya cd

Thomas Köner — Permafrost/Teimo/Nunatak 3xcd/lp

Thomas Köner — Nuuk cd/lp

Thomas Köner — Aubrite cd/lp (reissue forthcoming)

**Thomas Köner — Daikan — cd**

Zyklop — Zyklop 2xcd

Space Afrika — Somewhere Decent to Live lp

Tetsu Inoue / Uzzell-Edwards / Beail — Audio cd

Chris Watson — Stepping into the Dark cd

Chris Watson — Outside the Circle of Fire cd

Chris Watson — Weather Report cd

Chris Watson — El Tren Fantasma cd

**Chris Watson — In St Cuthbert’s Time — cd**

Chris Watson & Georgia Rodgers — Notes From the Forest Floor/Line of Parts lp

Chris Watson — The Cemetery (forthcoming)

Byron Westbrook — Mirror Views cd

Waveform Transmission — v1.0-1.9 cd

Jean-Michel Jarre — Amazônia cd

G*Park — Reuters lp

G*Park — Nosode cs

G*Park — Sub 2xcd

Marcellvs L. — Klavierwellen lp

Francisco Lopez — Through the Looking Glass: La Selva et al cds box set

Pansonic — Atomin Paluu cd

The Black Dog — Music For Real Airports 3xlp

BJ Nilsen — Massif Trophies lp

BJ Nilsen — Eye of the Microphone cd

Matt Shoemaker — Tropical Amnesia Two & Three cd

Matt Shoemaker — Tropical Amnesia One — cd

Matt Shoemaker — Mercurial Horizon cd

David Toop & Max Eastley — Buried Dreams cd

Rod Modell & Michael Mantra — Radiofore cd

Deepchord — 20 Electrostatic Soundfields cd

Rod Modell — Dawn, Dusk, And Darkness dl


Bill Fontana — Ohrbrücke/Soundbridge Köln — San Francisco cd

Bill Fontana — Landscape Sculpture With Fog Horns cd

**Hildegard Westerkamp – Transformations — cd**